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WAGENBORG Shipping B.V. - Maritime Education and Human Resource Co. Ltd.




Wagenborg Shipping is a division of the Royal Wagenborg in The Netherlands. Royal Wagenborg consists of several divisions operating in transport over land, by sea and by air.
Wagenborg Shipping operates on a global scale, with its origin in and emphasis on North-Western Europe, the Mediterranean and Trans-Atlantic routes. The modern fleet is economical, fast and environment-friendly. The vessels of varying size and tonnage offer the client flexibility and continuity. Wagenborg coordinates a system  of total ship management for their own ships and those of others.

Wagenborg Stevedoring´s terminals in Delfzijl and the Eemshaven in The Netherlands perfectly situated along the North European shipping routes, are equipped to handle forest products, bigbags, pallets, bulk and heavy lift-/project commodities.

Wagenborg Towage supplies maritime services such as towage, salvage services, hydrographical services and maritime lifting.

At this moment the Wagenborg fleet consists of 160 modern ships; RoRo vessels, general cargo vessels and container vessels. Particulars about the vessels can be found in the fleetlist on the website of Wagenborg (www.wagenborg.com).

Selected students for Wagenborg can be found in every academic year at the university, over 20 cadets are currently on board completing their required sea time and the first batch of Vietnamese deck and engine room officers are serving on board with Wagenborg. 


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